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Temple Street kids receive toys ahead of Christmas

Temple Street Children’s Hospital in Dublin 1 was greeted with a surprise this week when it received a delivery of children’s hand-made toys and blankets donated by Wollygoods and children’s charity, Variety.

Beloved hospital porter seen on the Late Late Toy Show, John Doyle was on hand to receive the toys and be pictured with the adorable creations.

The donation was part of Variety Ireland’s Someone to Hold this Christmas Day campaign which helps ill children who are spending time in Temple Street over Christmas have someone to hold or talk to.

Variety, a volunteer ran charity, celebrates its 70th birthday next year, specialises in providing equipment and services who are sick or have long-term disabilities.

Kevin O’Brien from Variety Ireland said: “We as a volunteer run children’s charity are delighted to team up with John, Angela and the incredible Temple Street Hospital team this year and donate these wonderful hand-made Irish toys to ensure that sick children will have someone to hold and talk to while lying in their beds this Christmas.

“Any time of year can be difficult for children away from their family, especially Christmas time.

“We hope these brave and fantastic children will make friends with these Irish hand-made toys and be able to share any worries they have with their new best friends.

“A special thanks to Margaret at for spending time to hand make these special gifts.

“It’s also important that we also spare a thought for all the wonderful nursing, medical and essential hospital workers that will working this Christmas in hospitals around Ireland looking after the needs of sick men, women and children.”

Wollygoods is a Cavan-based arts and crafts shop.

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