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Cappagh Kids ward officially opens to assist with growing CHI waiting lists

The National Orthopaedic Hospital Cappagh (NOHC) has opened a dedicated Paediatric inpatient and day case facility to assist Children’s Health Ireland (CHI) in dealing with increasing numbers of patients waiting for time-dependent orthopaedic surgery. 

As waiting lists for orthopaedic surgery continue their upward trajectory for both adult and paediatric services, the 16-bed unit, “Cappagh Kids”, which was previously an adult rehabilitation ward, has now been transformed into a bright child friendly paediatric space.

Commenting on the opening, Angela Lee, CEO of the National Orthopaedic Hospital Cappagh said:

“Today is a very exciting day for us as we welcome our first patients to the Cappagh Kids ward.

“We recognise how difficult surgical procedures are for children and their parents and we want to do everything we can to make their experience as pleasant and manageable as possible.

“In addition, consolidating the paediatric services into one unit leads to more efficiencies in terms of staffing and utilisation of medical equipment and supports.

“The NOHC looks forward to continuing to work with CHI to assist in the management of paediatric waiting lists.”

In supporting CHI with growing waiting lists for time dependent surgery, NOHC is now admitting a younger cohort of patients (from aged 2 upwards).

Prior to this the majority of paediatric patients presenting for surgery were older children and early teenagers who were undergoing scoliosis surgery, limb reconstruction surgery or other spinal procedures.

A number of specialist trained paediatric nurses and allied health professionals have been recruited to cater to increased patient numbers.

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