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Housing committee vote to bring Oscar Traynor site plan to council

Dublin City Council Housing Special Committee has voted to bring the alternative plan for the Oscar Traynor site to a full county council vote.

The special committee voted 13 to three in majority of the plan to bring the proposal in front of the full council.

Three members abstained from the vote.

The plan, which would see 40 percent of the homes be social housing, 40 percent affordable housing and 20 percent cost-rental, was drafted after the original plan to sell the land to a private developer was voted down by the county council last November.

Green Party councillor Donna Cooney said that there was a “good overall response from the Housing Special Committee to our alternative Oscar Traynor site public housing plan.

“The report now goes to full council.

“Great to have huge majority support, this will help us and hopeful our meeting with the minister will be positive.”

Mícheál Mac Donncha, a Sinn Fein councillor who helped draft the plan, said earlier this month that the 100 percent council-built proposal was “now the way forward.”

“We need to see homes built and a community developed on this site as soon as possible.

“The Oscar Traynor Road site is public land and this plan is for public housing. It aims to deliver social housing and homes to buy or rent at prices that people can actually afford.

“The plan has been put together by a cross-party group of Councillors, based on the decision of the City Council to bring forward a plan for public housing on public land,” he said.

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