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St Paul’s CFCC staff are going that extra mile

ST. PAUL’S CFCC is a service in North Dublin which provides clinical supports and respite for children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Most of the children also have an intellectual disability.

St. Paul’s has remained open throughout the pandemic, albeit at a reduced capacity based on public health guidelines.

Some of the children have additional needs, such as ADHD or sensory needs, and 50% of them are non-verbal.

The children at St. Paul’s thrive on routine, so staff pulled together and kept services open, to help families cope with restrictions.

Gerard Harrington works for St. Paul’s and he explained to Northside People how he and his colleagues are going the extra mile to raise much needed funds for the service.

“As our options for activities are limited due to the ongoing pandemic,” he said.

“Staff in St. Paul’s CFCC are taking part in completing the 100km in a month challenge by walking/running/cycling in order to raise money to convert an office space into a sensory room for the children.

“This equipment is so important due to the lack of resources available for children with specialised needs as a result of the current restrictions.

“We feel a sensory room would provide a relaxing and calming space for the children.

Without school facilities therapies are limited and families are finding it difficult to provide these opportunities with the demands of home schooling and other children to look after etc.

“The service aims to provide as much opportunities as possible while these children are in respite to ensure individuals and families are receiving the best quality service at all times, especially during this pandemic.

“Staff came up with the idea of a sensory room and all are committed in trying to make this possible for the children.”

St. Paul’s celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, however 2020 will go down in history books as the year it was one of the few services to continue to operate through a pandemic.

Any readers who would like to donate or find out more information please visit their website at

All donations will be greatly appreciated.

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