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Calls for government to consider bill to deal with the illegal use of scrambler bikes

Fianna Fáil TD for Dublin North West, Paul McAuliffe, says his party is committed to tackling the use of illegal scrambler bikes in Dublin. 

Deputy McAuliffe, alongside party colleague John Lahart, has brought forward a bill to deal with the illegal use of scrambler bikes, it details a range of solutions and legislative changes.

The Road Traffic (All-Terrain Vehicle and Scrambler Motorcycle) (Amendment) Bill 2020 would strengthen the law through several key provisions.  

Deputy McAuliffe said:

“Section 2 of the Bill amends the definition of a ‘public place’ in the principal Road Traffic legislation which will allow Gardaí to enforce laws on registration and insurance as well as dangerous driving when these vehicles are used in public places such as parks and beaches, where there is currently a legal lacuna.

“There is a strong supply of scrambler bikes in Dublin.

“They can be purchased legally by people under 18 years of age and no registration is necessary with the purchase of any bike. Bikes are also stolen and brought into areas and rented among youths.

“Many are bought by parents as Christmas presents and no liability for their subsequent use attaches to the parent. If a bike is seized by Gardai it can be collected by parents the following day, or it goes to auction and ends up back on the street.

“No charges can be brought against parents if the bike is claimed back.

“It is imperative that government approach this issue in an inter-departmental manner and that legislation is supported by a package of measures which deal with the matter.”

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