Irish Water must address “disgusting smell” at Mulhuddart, say councillors

Gary Ibbotson 12 Nov 2021

Mulhuddart councillors say they have been “inundated” with complaints from local residents about the smell emanating from sewerage pipes in the area.

Local Sinn Fein councillor Breda Hanaphy recently tabled a motion to a local area committee meeting asking Irish Water to attend a future meeting and discuss the issue.

Hanaphy says that “this has been going on for approximately 20 years and it’s a disgrace that this has been allowed to continue.

“We have had many promises from Irish Water in relation to the pipes at Kilbride pumping stations and to the shores, to the cause of the problem and the solutions.

“We need it just to end at this stage, we cannot go another summer in particular with this constant disgusting smell.”

Hanaphy says that some recent minor works have improved the situation, but a more long-term solution is urgently needed.

“The sealing of the shores along Church Road have had a positive effect, but it is very clear that this is not the final solution,” she says.

In response to Hanaphy’s motion, Irish Water said it will not be sending a representative to council meeting but is implementing procedures to reduce the smell.

“Asset operations are currently progressing additional monitoring and odour reducing dosing systems which are able to be installed on the rising main feeding into Mulhuddart,” it said in its reply to the council.

“These works are being installed to provide an automatic dosing system which will actively adjust dosing levels in order to prevent the production of the offending odours.

“It is expected to have these works completed in late 2021/early 2022.

“In addition to this Fingal County Council and Meath County Council shall continue to monitor odour levels to make the necessary adjustments to the dosing system as required.

“Additional localised odour checks are undertaken once to twice weekly and especially after bank holiday weekends.”

Hanaphy says she welcomes Irish Water’s response but is disappointed in the lack of urgency of getting the dosing systems installed.

“I welcome the information that there is to be new automatic dosing system at Mulhuddart and the new monitors in place.

“I would have hoped that this work could have been completed in 2021 or even earlier given the decades the people have had to live with this smell.

“I would like to add that Irish Water did not attend our last council meeting as my request for them to do so.

“I will be keeping a close eye on this and I expect to see the works taking place within the next four months.”

The water authority also confirmed that it has undertaken “minor works” over the summer to reduce “localised odour issues.”

Independent councillor Tania Doyle that Irish Water should be “brought into a meeting and have these questions put to them.

“When I do go up to Mulhuddart, the odour can be horrific – and it’s about time that Irish Water sat in front of this committee and this issue is addressed.”

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