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Winner of Lord Mayor’s Award for March announced

Lord Mayor of Dublin Hazel Chu has announced that she has chosen Tom Larkin as the winner of the Lord Mayor’s Award for the month of March.

Tom is a Fire Fighter and Paramedic with Dublin Fire Brigade (DFB) and is based in the North Strand.

It was his idea to try and organise fast track Covid-19 testing for DFB personnel at the Rotunda Hospital.

“I am delighted that this month’s award has gone to someone from Dublin Fire Brigade,” said the Lord Mayor.

“I think I speak for the whole City when I say how proud we all are of the work the Fire Brigade have done, and continue to do, during this pandemic.

“Tom is a great example of someone who saw a problem and used their initiative to solve it. I was very impressed by his selflessness. Well done Tom!”

Tom was nominated for this month’s award in the category ‘Emergency Services Staff’ by his sister Suzanne Larkin and his brother Francis.

“As a family we are super proud of Tom,” said Suzanne.

“He’s a role model for the future generation. Tom has worked in the emergency services 15 years and he always thinks of others and puts their needs before his own.

“At the start of the pandemic he volunteered with DFB’s Covid Crisis Committee to see what he could do. He came up with the idea of approaching the Rotunda and they were very happy to help out.”

As winner of the award for March, Tom received a piece of specially-commissioned sculpture and a gift voucher worth €1,000.

“I’m chuffed to win this award,” said Tom.

“I can’t take all the credit though. My sister Suzanne who works in the Rotunda facilitated the contacts.

“I’ll be sharing the gift voucher with her. Maybe the Rotunda is worthy of the same award. I would like to thank the Master of the Hospital Professor Fergal Malone and his staff for facilitating DFB.

“I’ll probably put my award in the sitting-room, but it depends on where I’m allowed to put it!”

The piece of sculpture commissioned for the Lord Mayor’s Awards is called ‘Harecules’ and was made by sculptor Stephanie Hess and sourced through DesignYard. The hare symbolises strength in Celtic mythology.

“I feel enormously honoured to have been commissioned to create 7 bespoke bronze sculptures which will be presented to the recipients whose extraordinary efforts in this extraordinary time have made a real difference in the lives of their fellow citizens,” said Stephanie.

“I wanted to portray the balancing act achieved by our frontline workers in a joyful way. The hares playfully represent the support & strength needed to juggle the elements of care, work and family, as well as embodying the sense of community and celebration.”

The Lord Mayor’s Awards, which usually take place annually, are taking place monthly this year to honour and thank those who have worked tirelessly for us on the frontline in this pandemic.

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