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Dublin’s Christy to take part in ‘The Great Big Irish Thank You’

DUBLIN’S Christy Dignam as well as The Coronas and Daniel O’Donnell will be among the stars taking part in ‘The Great Big Irish Thank You’, a heart-warming tribute to be broadcast on Virgin Media One on October 4 at 10pm.  

Hosted by Muireann O’Connell show sponsored by Cadbury, 7UP Free, Arachas, Starbucks and Doritos, this inspiring show will  feature music from headline act The Coronas and Christy Dignam, celebrity chats from Daniel O’Donnell plus many more and filming from around the country.

This special 90 minute show, an initiative, will entertain and shine a light on those who we are all thankful for in these unprecedented times.

Director of Content at Virgin Media Television, Bill Malone said: “The Great Big Irish Thank You is an evening of much needed escapism, entertainment and live music and an opportunity to take a moment to acknowledge, and say thank you, to everyone who has played their part, big and small, in making a difference with regard to the challenges this country has faced over the past months.

The publisher of Independent News & Media, Peter Vandermeersch, added: “It’s the biggest story of our lifetime: Covid-19 and its impact on the society.

“As a newspaper we have been covering each and every aspect of it: the scientific angle and the medical one; the consequences for our economy and our society; if we can have a holiday abroad or stick to a staycation; the consequences for schools and pubs.

“But above all the Irish Independent, the Sunday Independent and have been writing about people — about men and women who became ill and people who paid the highest price.”

“But especially about all these people who were fighting the consequences of the pandemic: nurses and doctors, people who clean care homes or keep elderly people company, bus drivers and people working in supermarkets, newspaper sellers and delivery people.”

“We have a great common name for them: frontline workers. These people are the real heroes of this crisis. Our society kept functioning because of them. We want to put all these people in the spotlight, and say a big ‘thank you’. We will do this in a universal language: music. From the stage we make a very deep bow for all the frontline workers.”


The Great Big Irish Thank you is produced by Tyrone Prodctions for Virgin Media.


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