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‘Living With Covid’ plan released by Government

DUBLIN will see special Covid restrictions imposed from midnight.

The entire country has been placed onto level two restrictions under a new government plan currently being announced

The plan can be read here:

The Government has made a special exception for Dublin after a massive increase in new Covid case numbers here.

Announcing the new plan, Taoiseach Michael Martin said: “Current Covid numbers in Dublin are very worrying and the Government has decided today to introduce additional measures to address this.”

The Government has today published Resilience & Recovery 2020-2021: Plan for Living with Covid-19 which will guide Ireland’s response to saving lives and managing the pandemic over the next seven months.

It sets out how Ireland and the Irish people can continue managing the disease in a rapidly changing global environment.

Cabinet also agreed to allocate a record €600 million for the 2020 Winter Initiative, to ensure that our health service has the capacity and resources needed to deal with what is forecast to be a particularly challenging few months.

The plan sets out five levels of response, each with a number of measures designed to help us all lower Covid-19 transmission, and setting out what is permitted at that moment in time. It aims to allow society and businesses to be able to operate as normally as possible, while continuing to suppress the virus.

In particular, keeping schools, early learning and childcare services open are a top priority. We want to keep people in work, and businesses operating, as we need a functioning economy to maintain our public services.

Each level outlines what is permitted for social or family gatherings, work and public transport, bars, hotels and restaurants, exercise activities and religious services.

In terms of gatherings, life events like weddings and funerals, and sports and arts events in controlled environments are given priority. The plan also aims to maintain access to some form of sports and social activities because they support us in living with the disease.

Additional restrictions in County Dublin:

Given concern over the incidence of Covid-19 in Dublin, and based on NPHET’s recommendations, Cabinet agreed that additional measures will apply in the county:

No more than two households should meet at any given time, and people should have a maximum of six visitors from one other household to their home.

Socialising can continue at indoor or outdoor public venues, but only with people from their own household or one other household, and in groups of no more than six;

Pubs and bars not serving food should remain closed beyond September 21;

Higher and third level institutions should consider enhanced protective measures;

Those living in Dublin should be encouraged to limit travel outside the region, and only meet one other household when outside the county.

“The power to control this pandemic is still in our hands. Irish people have shown time and again that they will follow the public health advice in order to protect themselves, their families, and society as a whole. We need this co-operation and compassion to continue for the period ahead to continue fighting the disease, and to protect the most vulnerable people in society,” the statement reads.

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