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Family appeal for information into death of young Ballymun man

THE family of young Christopher (Snowy) Flood are appealing to the public and to anyone who was in the Ballymun area (preferably Sillogue Road area) for information.

His family believe he was killed and the people that took his life need to be brought to justice.

Christopher was only 18 years of age at the time of his death.

Christopher was found face down at the end of the eight storey flats on Sillogue Road.

He had bruises across his knucles and bruising around his right eye which suggests that he was in some sort of fight.

The coroner’s report ruled that there wasn’t a broken bone in his body which the family says doesn’t make sense if he had fallen eight storeys to his death.

“He also had an ear to ear fractured skull, these injuries do not consist with any type of fall from a height,” a family member said.

The jury returned with an open verdict in the coroner’s inquest and third party was not ruled out, leaving his family with more questions than answers.

He also had his prescription glasses on the inside left pocket of his jacket (which are still perfect to this day).

Also his watch he was wearing at the time of his death is still working to this day.

Christopher was described as being a very pleasant and loveable character, who would do anything for anyone.

He kept to himself and had the same friends since childhood.

“There was not enough sufficient evidence to support our beliefs due to circumstances that happened on the morning after he was found which was beyond our control,” his family said.

Christopher’s parents never stopped searching for the truth, and his father Martin Flood spent the rest of his life searching for answers which led to his untimely death.

“He believes as we do Christopher was taken from us, whether it was accidental or purposely,” his family add.

“We as a family just want the truth of what happened to Christopher and for justice to be served for Christopher and his family, especially his mother Lorraine.

“She has continued to suffer the last 18 years as a result of no answers.

“She just wants some justice for her son so that she knows he can rest peacefully.”

His family are holding out hope that one day we will find the truth and what really happened to him on that night.

“After 18 years we are still searching as we believe he was robbed of his life. We buried a son, brother amd uncle not knowing what happened to him.

“So today we are hoping his story and face will help people to remember where they were and if they were around the area at the time, who might have seen or heard anything out of the ordinary.

“And we will continue to keep searching. We are pleading with the people of the Ballymun area, if they remember anything atal no matter how big or small it may be to please come forward with any information.”

Email nicoleflood94@gmail.com.

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