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Potential views of new wind farm 10k from Dublin coastline revealed

A new online virtual exhibition gives Dublin residents the opportunity to find out about the proposed Dublin Array offshore wind farm.

Plans and photomontages of the wind farm are available on the project’s website where the developers have released the turbine layout plan and photomontages outlining the potential view from a variety of popular coastal locations, and other project-related information.

Dublin Array, is a joint venture between RWE Renewables Ireland and Saorgus Energy, with RWE leading the development.

Project map of the site for the new wind farm

The wind farm is located on the Kish and Bray Banks, approximately 10km from the coastline of Dublin and counties Wicklow and Dublin.

These are naturally occurring sandbanks, which the east coast commercial shipping routes avoid due to the shallowness of the water, thereby presenting a location for potential development.

Proximity to Dublin, which is the major electricity demand centre, means that the project can be a significant source of renewable electricity for the city and the surrounding region.

The 1 GW project will be located within an area of 54 km2 in water depths ranging from 2-30 metres.

Peter Lefroy, Dublin Array Project Director,(pictured above) said:“I am delighted to be able to share the most up-to-date project information, including photomontages, of the proposed site but disappointed that unfortunately, due to Covid-19 public health restrictions, the public exhibition has had to move from a planned face-to-face information and informal consultation event to an online platform.

“This information platform provides comprehensive details about the proposed offshore wind farm, on-going activities, potential community and business benefits and the timeline moving forward.

“We have not yet submitted a planning application for Dublin Array.

“We hope the information on the portal provides a platform for us to have a meaningful exchange of information with local communities and understand any issues or concerns people have.

“The provision of the information platform and a range of contact details the public can use to informally engage with us, is because their views matter to us.

“In addition, we are using a specialised communications tool called Give My View to engage on social media with community members.

“While browsing Facebook and Instagram over the next few weeks residents may come across a Give My View advertisement inviting them to respond to some questions about green energy and the proposed Dublin Array Wind Farm.

“Your views matter to us so I would urge community members to respond.”

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