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Palmerstown Camera Club inviting new members to join

PALMERSTOWN Camera Club is inviting all adults to their friendly, educational, and entertaining club meetings on Wednesday nights.

They are currently using Zoom to run their gatherings so it will be easy for anyone who is interested to attend.

Southside People spoke with Tony McIntyre from Palmerstown Camera Club to find out more about this ever-growing local club.

“Our objective is to encourage, develop and improve our members photographic skills from beginners to advance,” Tony tells us.

“We do this through weekly sociable meetings, workshops, lectures, monthly competitions and outings.

“Some members are very active in the monthly Sunrise outings.

“We also have outings locally and further afield including the Saltees.”

Picture taken by Palmerstown Camera Club member Susan Kearney, Advanced Section

Palmerstown Camera Club was founded in September 2009.

Some of their founder members were members of the old Palmerstown Photographic Society which dated back to the 1970’s.

They meet in the Palmerstown Community Hall on Wednesdays from 8.00pm to 10.00pm but due to the Covid-19 restrictions they currently meet online.

Picture taken by Palmerstown Camera Club member Andrew Duff, Novice Section

“The benefit of Zoom is that we can get interesting Irish and international photographers, from further afield, to show us their images and explain to us how they took them,” Tony says.

“All the presenters give us their special tips, techniques and recommendations

“You can ask them questions as well.

“The presentations are very interesting, educational and motivating.

“Palmerstown Camera Club is one of the leading photographic clubs in Ireland and is a member of the Irish Photographic Federation and the Photographic Society of America (PSA).

“We are open to all adults and we have a great mixture of photographers both male and female, who range in photography skills from beginners to the very experienced.

“You can benefit by improving your photography in our friendly, sociable, progressive photography club.

“You can also enter our members friendly monthly competitions which assist you to develop your photographic skills.

“The images are evaluated by a different experienced judge each month.

“The judge is not a member of our club.

“There are three levels – Beginners (Novice), Intermediate and Advanced.

“There are three categories of images – Mono, Colour and Open.

“You can enter one image in each category every month but there is no obligation on you to do so.

“Most months mono and colour images are judged on a theme.

“The theme changes every month and could be something like nature, landscape, portrait, humour.

“If for example the theme is landscape then your mono image and colour image should be a landscape.

“The other image in the Open can be any subject that you choose and your open image can be mono or colour.

“You will find that the very friendly Palmerstown Camera Club will encourage and motivate you to improve your photography.

“This applies whether you are a beginner or more advanced. You can benefit from the training, lectures and presentations from some of the best photographers in Ireland, England Scotland and Wales.

“If you would like to improve your photography in a friendly, sociable, progressive club then contact us by emailing our secretary at for more details.

“See you on Wednesday nights.”

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