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Lord Mayor says she is listening to concerns about Sandymount cycle route

Lord Mayor of Dublin Hazel Chu says she is “committed” to listening to the “concerns of the residents” regarding the controversial trial run of the Strand Road Cycle Route.

In a statement, councillor Chu said that “the success of the trials of ‘filtered permeability’ systems at Pigeon House Road and at Grangegorman Lower shows how the council can work with local communities to deliver timely interventions that make our city more accessible and more inclusive to all, regardless of age or ability.

“I would like to see this spirit of collaboration between the council and local communities continued in the trial of the Strand Road Cycle Route, both from those who support the measures and those who have reservations about them.”

In her statement, Chu said that “since the start of the public health emergency, I have worked closely with officials in Dublin City Council to ensure that mobility measures are implemented which will provide people with the space they need to walk and cycle around their communities safely.”

“We have seen measures introduced across the city including wider footpaths, modal filters and segregated cycle lanes, but we need to do more.”

Chu said that she has “listened” to the concerns of Sandymount residents and is “committed to a process which will identify any weaknesses during the trial period and introduce additional mitigation measures where necessary to ensure that the quality of life in Sandymount is enhanced for all.”

She says that will engage with the National Transport Authority to make sure the concerns are “listened to, are understood, and are acted upon.”

The Strand Road Cycle Route is a facility that will “benefit all the people of Dublin and it can do so while also improving the lives of people who live in its vicinity,” Chu says.

“We are in an emergency situation and it is vital that measures like the Strand Road Cycle Route trial are rolled out without any further delay.

“I fully support Dublin City Council’s efforts in this regard.”

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