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O Connor seeks information on South Dublin County Council housing lists

Local Fianna Fail Councillor, Charlie O’Connor, says he raised the issue of South Dublin County Council’s Housing list at the recent November meeting of the Council.

He was provided with the following information:

At the end of October, 2020 there were 7,156 applicants on the Council’s social housing list with housing need and areas of preference as follows:



North of Naas Road South of Naas Road Total
1 1,728 1,667 3,395
2 1,441 1,078 2,519
3     661    457 1,118
4      78      46    124
Total 3,908 3,248 7,156

These figures include applicants with allocations pending and the Elected Members should also note that our housing allocations team is currently carrying out a Housing Needs Assessment review of all applications on the housing list pre-dating April 2019.

Councillor O’Connor also asked for an update on new social homes and was told as follows:

“Increasing the supply of social housing is a key commitment through the build, acquisition and leasing programmes.

“South Dublin will commence by year end, construction on 4 new social housing developments across the County that will deliver 52 new homes.

“They comprise 12 new homes at St. Catherine’s, Tallaght; 16 new homes at Homeville, Old Knocklyon Road; 22 new homes in the first phase of a new development at Riversdale/Mayfield in Clondalkin and the redevelopment of an existing building Greenfort Gardens, Clondalkin, providing 2 new homes.

“In addition, 3 further sites delivering 64 new homes are due to commence during 2021 in Templeogue Village, St Marks Avenue, Clondalking and Old Bawn in Tallaght.

“Other sites identified for older persons and sites at Balgaddy and Nangor Road are being progressed”

Councillor O’Connor, who is the Chairman of the Council’s Housing Stratigic Policy Committee, said he “will continue to give the whole issue his particularly attention and focus on the need for affordable and social housing.”

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