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Irish Water starts upgrade to safeguard the Grand Canal

IRISH Water is starting work to repair and upgrade a section of a critical part of Dublin’s wastewater infrastructure and to safeguard the Grand Canal.

The works are taking place along 75 metres of sewer pipeline which crosses under the Grand Canal, the Red Luas line and Suir Road, Dublin 8.

The project will repair a partial collapse on one of Dublin’s major sewer pipelines which happened in July 2019.

Although the sewer has remained operational and no sewerage was released since the partial collapse, the company says the works are essential to protect the environment and amenity value of the Grand Canal, to minimise the risk of further collapse and to upgrade a key piece of Dublin’s wastewater infrastructure.

“Irish Water has been working closely with Waterways Ireland and Dublin City Council to develop a project that will repair the sewer and the canal bank, while protecting the natural environment in the area,” they said.

Works are expected to be completed by May 2020. Irish Water anticipates that there will be minimal disruption in the area during works. GMC Utilities Group is working on behalf of Irish Water to deliver this project.
Olive Marshall, Irish Water Regional Lead on the project, says: “This is a complex project due to the location and the age of the pipeline.

“We have worked extensively with our partners to develop an appropriate solution that will allow us to ensure the wastewater network continues to work effectively, while protecting the waterway.”

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