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Moore Street Preservation Trust submits objections to Hammerson plans 

The Moore Street Preservation Trust say they will today submit their objections to the three planning applications from Hammerson for the Moore Street 1916 battlefield site.

The objections will be handed in at Civic Offices, Wood Quay at 3pm when spokesperson James Connolly Heron will be available to talk to the media.

Speaking before handing in the objections James Connolly Heron said:

“If the Hammerson plans are granted permission and allowed to proceed the Moore Street 1916 battlefield site would become a building site for at least 15 years.

“This is the time being applied for by the company to complete the Moore Street side of its overall project, which also includes O’Connell Street.

“In no way should this multinational company be allowed to subject our city centre to this for a decade and a half.

“The Hammerson plan would partly demolish and split in two the historic terrace 10-25 Moore Street which was occupied by the evacuated GPO garrison in 1916. The remaining buildings would be dwarfed by seven and nine storey buildings housing hotels and offices.

“This multinational property company has submitted three highly complex planning applications for the Moore Street/Henry Street site.

“The plans were submitted on 1 June but it took over two weeks before they were put online. The City Council planners must seek further information from Hammerson, thus allowing another window of opportunity for citizens to assess these plans.

“The Moore Street Preservation Trust is urging the rejection of the Hammerson plan. We have produced our own masterplan which would see this area preserved and sensitively developed as a cultural quarter at the heart of our capital city.”

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