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An awful mess…all along the banks of the Royal Canal

A local councillor says north Dublin residents are ‘at their wit’s end’ due to the amount of litter being dumped by those socialising along the Royal Canal walkway.

With the recent good weather attracting more people to the area, the issue appears to be get worse.

Dublin City Councillor Colm O’Rourke (Fine Gael) say he has been ‘continually calling’ on Dublin City Council and Waterways Ireland to put an immediate plan in place to tackle this issue.

“The Royal Canal is a beautiful amenity, but the piles of litter being left alongside it is a disgusting sight,” he said.

“Some locals, including myself, have had to clean up along the canal because this issue is getting worse, but it shouldn’t have to be like this – everyone has to play their part, and those who create the mess need to remember that they should take care of that mess.

“More than anything, personal responsibility is required to tackle this issue.

“This message, though, hasn’t got across for a lot of people, unfortunately.

“Residents shouldn’t have to put up with this daily there is a fear among residents that the problem is going to get worse coming up to the summer, especially on weekends.

“I do want to thank Dublin City Council and the crews who have found themselves having to clear mountains of waste.

“That said, this situation can’t continue.

“There is a need for Dublin City Council and Waterways Ireland to introduce a number of further measures and put a plan in place before the May Bank Holiday to tackle this problem.

“I’m pleading with people to please clean up after themselves, so we can all continue to enjoy our outdoor spaces.”

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