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Fingal councillor calls for protection of historical features

Fingal County Councillor for Blanchardstown and Mulhuddart, Mary McCamley is calling on the council to invite public submissions on local historical landmarks that they would like to see protected.

McCamley, a Labour councillor, has submitted the motion to the local authority after planning permission was filed proposing the demolition of cottages on Blakestown Road, Mulhuddart.

The planning permission was submitted to Fingal County Council and proposes the development of 33 apartments on the site of the demolished cottages, which were purchased earlier this year.

Speaking to the Northside People, McCamley said: “This is something I am very, very worried about as it sets a precedent and other cottage might follow suit if pursued by other developers.

“We would have a domino effect and before we know it all our lovely cottages would disappear.

“I have made a submission to Fingal County Council objecting to this development which is completely out of character for the area.”

McCamley says the local residents are also objecting to the development.

In response to the planning permission, McCamley has submitted a motion to council management asking that it accepts public submissions on local historical landmarks they would like to see protected.

McCamley’s motion reads: “Because there are now instances of older cottages/houses being bought over by developers and applications submitted to demolish them, would the manager be open to running a project where residents might send in lists or ideas of all buildings; walls; bridges; features of historical and archaeological merit; houses of historical significance and agricultural and industrial buildings in order to seek protection for them even if they don’t reach the category for ‘heritage’ in the true sense of the word.”

McCamley says that she is “concerned about the amount of planning applications in the area,” many of which are in Blanchardstown Village and the Strategic Housing Development in Kellystown.

The development in Kellystown will consist of 360 residential units spread over three apartment blocks.

“We need to keep the character of the area and not remodel it into a concrete jungle with no heart and on sense of community,” says McCamley.

“People need to be vigilant and welcome good development where merited but object to developments which they feel are not in keeping with the character of their area.

“We need housing but not at any price. It sets a precedent.”

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