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Swords student creates photobook promoting mental health awareness 

A SWORDS student spent lockdown gathering a striking collection of photos to raise awareness of mental health within the Irish creative sector and raise funds for the charity, Minding Creative Minds.

20-year-old, Andrew Crowley, a Creative Industries and Visual Culture student in TU Dublin created the ViViD Project – an impressive photobook featuring the work of 22 photographers, chosen following a call out which resulted in 122 submissions.

A visual representation of the photographers’ thoughts and struggles over the past year, by viewing the ViViD Project online, people are encouraged to donate to the charity, Minding Creative Minds.

For a €20 donation, viewers will be sent a hardcover photobook of the ViViD Project – a photobook that truly captures an unforgettable moment in time.

“After a challenging year for so many, especially those working in the creative industries who have lost so many of their freedoms and livelihoods, producing a final year project with meaning was my goal,” said Andrew, who is also known as Sunny Sardini Pictures.

The ViViD Project features work by 22 Irish photographers including Ian Byrne, who’s image is titled ‘Lockdown 365’, ‘Framed’ by Alexandre Bueno and ‘Freedive’ by Sarah Caulfield who also designed the book.

“The ViViD Project took on a life of its own due to the volume of submissions; imagery that conveys powerful feelings through a lens,” Andrew says.

“The strength of the project reflects the emotions of those in the creative industries, and as we look to rebuild, I hope that our contribution to Minding Creative Minds will help those who are struggling with their mental health to access vitally important short-term intervention.”

Andrew says the concept for the project stems from the humanistic psychologist, Carl Rogers’ Personality Development Theory.

Rogers was of the view that humans are active and creative people who are concerned with relationships, perceptions, and situations in the present.

“His approach suggested that everyone exists in a world full of experiences,” Andrew says.

“These experiences shape our reactions that include external objects and people as well as internal thoughts and emotions.

“This theory is formed to highlight free will and the human potential for goodness.”

The ViViD Project by Sunny Sardini Pictures is a not-for-profit project and the exhibition is available to view at

By donating €20 or more, you will receive one of the hardcover, limited edition photobooks of The ViViD Project.

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