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Sadness at passing of well known Howth film-maker

Well known local Howth film-maker Aidan Doyle of Unicorn Films sadly passed away on February 17 after a very short illness.

Aidan was a popular teacher at the Donahies community school who left his profession in the early 2000’s to pursue his dream of film making.

He has produced and directed many popular film titles with specific films on Dublin, Ireland, York in the UK, Howth, and Malahide/Portmarnock.

His York film with Michael Portillo was one of his films he was most proud of.
Aidan is sorely missed by his wife Barbara, and sons Andrew, David and Jonathan.

He had engaged Michael Portillo again for his upcoming Howth and Hill of Howth Tram film which will now be completed by his sons Andrew and David in his memory.

They also intend to keep Unicorn Films alive as a permanent tribute to their father.
Andrew and David have also made a tribute of their Dad on YouTube.

It is just under 3 minutes long and is available to view here: or also by searching for “Unicorn Films TV” on YouTube.

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