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Fingal award contract to Glenveigh for development of Ballymastone site

Fingal County Council has revealed that Glenveagh Living Ltd is its preferred tenderer for the contract to develop the 32-hectare site at Ballymastone, Donabate.

The development will now be subject to the formal approval of the county councillors for the disposal of the land and the statutory planning process.

In a statement, Fingal County Council said the “site will be developed to the urban design and phasing requirements of the Donabate Local Area Plan (LAP) and will include the delivery of supporting social and physical infrastructure.

“Glenveagh Living Ltd will progress their plans through the planning process which will provide an opportunity for public consultation within this ongoing process.

“The Ballymastone development will be in accordance with the Fingal County Development Plan 2017 – 2023 and the Donabate Local Area Plan 2016 – 2026, both of which have undergone extensive public consultation, and which identify the strategic spatial planning issues and the vision for structured development and balanced growth for Donabate.”

According to the council, Glenveigh expects to deliver approximately 1,200 residential units with a tenure mix of 60% private housing, 20% private discounted housing and 20% social housing.

“The private discounted housing is expected to be priced at €250,000 for a two-bedroom house and €270,000 for a three-bedroom house.

“Every house or apartment delivered by Glenveagh Living Ltd will carry a minimum of an A energy rating,” it says.

Around 12% of the site will allocated as public open space with small public parks being developed.

“Fingal County Council recognises the role that Donabate plays in the wider Fingal region with its potential to support a high quality of life which offers culture and heritage, access to the coast, waterways, the city and the airport.

“The council is focused on delivering a successful and sustainable community through the provision of social and physical infrastructure and improving connections between new and existing communities.”

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