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“I waited on Liz Taylor and royalty, now my wait for the Covid jab is over”

An 89-year-old resident of a Northside nursing home, who once waited on Elizabeth Taylor and the Queen Mother, has expressed her relief that her wait for the Covid jab is finally over.

Bridget Ryan shares her delight after getting the vaccine and recalls her career as a waitress to the stars in a new podcast that meets the real people amid all the excitement around Covid vaccination in nursing homes.

Bridget, a resident at Beneavin House in Glasnevin, tells presenter Valerie Cox that she loved her job as a waitress in Dublin’s Gresham hotel where she met some of the most famous people of the day.

“I also met Robert Mitchum and Grace Kelly.

“They were all lovely and they gave very generous tips.”

She says the vaccine has brought great joy and hope for the future:

“Oh my God I can’t wait to see my family again!

“When I can go out again I think the first thing I’ll do is say ‘Thank you God!’”

Another delighted resident, Sadie Murphy (79) is feeling very optimistic after getting her second dose of the vaccine, announcing that she is planning a “big hooley” for her 80th birthday in December.

This is the second episode of the six-part series where residents in the Firstcare Group of Nursing Homes in Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow share memories from their past and talk about their plans for a Covid-free future.

All episodes are available on and at the following link:  Meet the Residents 

John O’Donnell, Managing Director of the Firstcare Nursing Home Group says residents in Nursing Homes can too often be overlooked as members of society.

“This brings our residents to life and shows they have dreams and plans for the future and incredible life stories to tell,” he said.

Valerie Cox says it’s remarkable how residents still manage to stay positive despite the difficult year they’ve had, not being able to hug or kiss their families and loved ones.

“They are one of the most vulnerable groups affected by the pandemic, but in many ways they are also one of the most resilient.”

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