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New documentary marks 50 years of Coláiste Dhúlaigh

A NEW radio documentary entitled ‘50 Years A Growing’ focuses on Coláiste Dhúlaigh Post Primary School, Coolock as it reaches the grand old age.

In September 1966 the then Minister for Education, Donogh O’Mally, announced plans for free universal secondary education.

This directive heralded a new dawn for education in Ireland and paved the way for schools like Coláiste Dhúlaigh to open its doors for the 1969/70 school term.

A young and growing population was reflected in the numbers of pupils embarking on a second level education year on year.

Indeed, on one single occasion, there were 25 first year classes alone.

Can you just imagine the music of young voices echoing in the corridors, the clatter of footsteps on the stairs, the excitement, buzz and comradery but most of all and equally important the formation of hopes and dreams once undared to be dreamt?

The story of Coláiste Dhúlaigh Post Primary School, Coolock, is entwined with the story of the people who live and have lived in the area through a half century.

The school has been pivotal to all that happens in the community.

From scholarly achievements to sporting accomplishments and fundraising for the needy of the area, its pupils and teachers are always there.

Coláiste Dhúlaigh’s Post Primary School has grown and developed to suit the needs of all the children of the area in an effort to provide each child the chance to reach their full potential.

Coláiste Dhúlaigh College of Further Education has, for its part, established itself as a separate entity to cater for new educational challenges as people of the area (and further afield) wanted the option to upskill, re-educate and explore new opportunities often denied to them in earlier life.

Hundreds of courses are available across four campus locations and demand is high.

Coláiste Dhúlaigh reflects the progression and advancements made throughout the education system that has created the Ireland of today.

Through the testament of its enthusiastic principals, teachers and pupils past and present we get a unique insight into how Coláiste Dhúlaigh has changed the essence of a community as we are transported through an emotional and nostalgic half a century and beyond in ’50 Years A Growing’.

Join us on a journey through time, as we learn how Coláiste Dhúlaigh has impacted on everyone associated with it, and how it has developed and shaped the lives of a community over 50 years.

The ‘50 Years A Growing’ radio documentary will be broadcast on Near FM (90.3) and online at on Wednesday, November 25 at 2.30pm.

50 Years A Growing is produced by Enda M Roche, is a Pearlman Media Production for Near FM and is supported by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and the Sound & Vision scheme through the television licence fee.

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