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856 families were in emergency accommodation in August

THERE were 856 families in emergency accommodation in Dublin at the end of August, according to the latest figures.

Dublin City Council say this is the lowest number since April 2016, and represents a small reduction on the July figures (862).

The corresponding figure for January 2020 was 1,201.

At the end of August there were 302 families in hotels, down 32 from July. This is the lowest number since April 2015.

While the reduction in numbers is always very welcome, we fully accept that there are still far too many families in emergency accommodation, including hotels,” said Deputy Chief Executive Brendan Kenny.

“We are very conscious of the challenge that still exists on homelessness in the Dublin area.”

The situation in relation to single persons is more complex, and the total number of single adults in emergency accommodation continues to rise. In August the figure was 2,962.

“In recent months, we have successfully sourced a significant amount of additional emergency accommodation to cater for the increasing demand, whilst also keeping an eye on the upcoming winter period,” added Mr Kenny.

“During the winter period numbers amongst single adults are likely to increase.

“This is a trend that we are always aware of, and we prepare for it throughout the year.

“The DRHE will be publishing its annual Cold Weather Strategy shortly to ensure preparedness for the approaching winter months.”


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