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Local residents fear halloween inferno at derelict house

THESE shocking pictures show the build up of potentially lethal Halloween material in the middle of a busy Northside housing estate.

A property on Clonshaugh Road that has been lying in a derelict state for years is being used by youngsters to stock wooden pallets and other combustible items.

Locals fear that a fire among the piles of rubbish could cause an inferno that would “kill them in their beds”.

“Everyone around here knows the state this place is in,” said one local who did want to be named. “It’s been like that for years and has become a health hazard with rats running all around it. But I don’t think many people around here  realise the danger they’re in. There are over 100 wooden pallets stocked in there among piles of rubbish and all it would take is one match and the whole lot would go up in flames. We’ve had problems here for years with people going in there to take drugs and drink but this is a new danger that could literally kill us all in our beds. We need someone to do something.”

Deputy Tommy Broughan (Ind) contacted some of the residents to hear their concerns.

He said they could file a complaint with Dublin City Council under the Derelict Sites Act.

He has also appealed to companies in local industrial estates to secure  their properties to ensure  that material that could end up in Halloween bonfires would not be stolen.

“Thankfully, I think we  have moved away from the crazy spectacles  of out of control  bonfires that blighted estates across Dublin,” he said. “But it requires constant vigilance  at this time of year  to make  sure it doesn’t get out of control  again.”

According to Deputy Broughan, Coolock gardaí have also been advised of the situation and are investigating the matter.

Deputy Broughan  also received a report from Dublin City Council   to representations he made on behalf of locals on Clonshaugh Road regarding bonfire material being stored in the unused property near their homes.

“I can report to you that we have made contact with the owners of Clonshaugh Industrial Estate asking them to fix any illegal entrances in their fence and to speak to all the factory owners informing them not to leave pallets  out on view where they can be taken,” a council representative wrote to Deputy  Broughan. 

“The local Litter Warden will patrol the area to try to see where the pallets are coming from. 

He added: “I am currently in discussion with Waste Management to see if they remove pallets from private property.”

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