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Time running out for 1916 relatives

THE Department of Defence has advised that unless relatives of 1916 participants have registered with them by this Wednesday (September 30), they will not be invited to the planned State ceremony at the GPO on Easter Sunday next year.

Cllr Nial Ring, whose grandfather and his four brothers were part of the GPO garrison during Easter week, urged all organisations to make sure all those entitled to be invited are registered.

“The 1916 Relatives Association, the 1916-1921 Club, the Irish Volunteers Society and the National Graves Association are among the organisations who have databases of participants and I am asking them to ensure that anyone on their database is informed of this deadline,” said Cllr Ring.

“There are hundreds of sons and daughters of 1916 participants still alive and well, including many of the Ring family, and I hope that none of them will be left out because of an inability or failure to register with the department.”

He added: “I would urge anyone who knows descendants to register them so that the viewing platform and stands will be full of descendants of the men and women who fought in 1916 and not full of politicians, hangers-on and others with no time for or association with the great events of Easter week 1916.”

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