The Mary Wallopers at The National Stadium: Memorable night for contemporary Irish folk

Gary Ibbotson 01 Dec 2022

New age Irish folk band The Mary Wallopers continued their winter tour at The National Stadium in Dublin 8 in November.

Just coming off the release of their self-titled debut album, the Louth outfit garnered attention and a dedicated fanbase over the Covid-19 pandemic with their engaging and jovial livestreams.

The six-piece’s skillful re-telling of old folktales may be what initially attracts listeners, but it’s the band members’ endearing charm and sharp wit which makes the live shows special.

With the crowd in equally as good spirits, the connection between musician and fan was palpable, indicative of the group’s ethos thus far.

Tracks such as ‘Cod Liver Oil & The Orange Juice,’ ‘All For Me Grog,’ and ‘Frost is All Over,’ whipped the audience up into a frenzy while ‘John O’Halloran,’ and ‘The Hackler,’ were met with a respectful silence and hush for those not so silent.

As the last tune rang out, and the final can of Guinness drank, it was obvious that The Mary Wallopers were on to something special, and as we all shuffled out into the cold November night, it was even more obvious that they were on their way to something bigger.

(All photos by Gary Ibbotson)

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