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DCC submits Ballymun site as potential location for hospital

Dublin City Council has submitted a site in Ballymun to the HSE as a potential location for a new hospital.

The news comes after the HSE publicly welcomed submissions of sites that would be suitable to accommodate a new hospital.

In a statement to Dublin City Councillors, the local authority said: “On the 12th May 2021 the HSE publically sought submissions for sites to accommodate new Elective Centres (hospitals), in accordance with the Health Service Capacity Review (2018), for Dublin, Cork and Galway, with a closing date of 31st May 2021.

“Dublin City Council submitted a proposal with regard to sites within the Ballymun “M50 lands”.

In order to be considered as a suitable location, the HSE says the site must be around 53,714sq.m in the Dublin area, with easy access to public transport, car parking and within 30 minutes drive of an emergency department.

Dublin City Council submitted a site along St Maraget’s Road for contention.

“While included within the Ballymun LAP, the statutory responsibility for these lands is with Fingal County Council.

The lands are zoned “High Technology” within the Fingal Development Plan, for which hospital is an acceptable use in principle.

“The submission to the HSE, if successful, would require a disposal to be approved by the elected members of the city council,” says the local authority.

The proposed site comprises of 15.6 acres.

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