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Registry of all defibrillators should be made public, says Deputy Farrell

Dublin Fingal TD and Fine Gael Spokesperson on Climate Change, Alan Farrell, has called for the development of a National Registry of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).

Deputy Farrell, speaking in the Dáil said: “There is a need for a publicly available list of defibrillators that will detail the locations and provide an interactive map of where to find them.

“This will require co-operation of local authorities nationwide.”

Deputy Farrell says the recent incident at the Euro 2020 Championships where Danish player Christian Eriksen collapsed with sudden cardiac arrest, has “proved a reminder to us that these incidents can strike anyone, at any time.”

Deputy Farrell continued: “In 2019, approximately 69% of cardiac arrests occurred in an urban setting, underscoring the need for local communities to have urgent access to life saving tools, until emergency services can reach the scene.

“We know that the first few moments of such an incident are critical to the survival rates of an individual.

“Having wide public knowledge of where equipment can be accessed is key to the welfare of us all.

“I have called on the Sports Department to engage with local authorities across the State to develop such a database, that can make a profound difference to communities and save lives.

“A coordinated approach from Government is required on this matter.

“Many sporting organisations, through local sports partnerships and through sports capital grants have acquired AEDs for their clubs and with the right leadership, we can expand these services and create a network of public AEDs.”

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