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Restoration of Phoenix Park gates to cost €800,000+

The Office of Public Works (OPW) says that it expects the refurbishment works on gates at entrances of Phoenix Park to be completed by July, with the cost of project expected to exceed €800,000.

The famous gates were removed from entrances in 2018 for Pope Francis’ open air mass and have not yet been reinstalled.

The OPW says that the gates were due to be re-introduced at an earlier date but the project was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Two contracts were originally awarded to two separate companies – one to restore the gates and one to rehang the gates.

However, due to the reduction in footfall at the park over the past 12 months, one company has been tasked to fulfill all of the associated projects.

The OPW said that works on the Knockmaroon Gates were completed in situ in August last year.

“Works on the rehanging of the remaining gates have been paused since the start of 2021 due to current Covid-19 restrictions,” a statement said.

“However, following a reassessment of the required works to repair the gate structures, those works have been deemed to be essential repair and maintenance of infrastructure.

“Planning for the resumption of those works and the rehanging of the gates, as soon as possible, is underway.”

The spokesperson said that the cost of the project is expected to be in excess of €800,000 and still falls under budget.

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