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Dublin’s Hellfire Club to feature in haunting new podcast

A new Irish Podcast, Haunted Real Ghost Stories, features the most haunting tales from the Island of Ireland. Each episode tells a specific story, bringing it to life and revealing the unsettling aftermath that makes it live on, in today’s world.

Speaking about the launch of the podcast, producer and presenter, Sarah Kelly says “Who doesn’t love a good story? Especially a scary one at Halloween. Everyone loves spooky tales and podcasts are a great way to tell them. It’s a bit of fun”.

The new Irish podcast will also feature the Hellfire Club in County Dublin and the terrible tale of the Derry Vampire. The Hellfire Club is a building once used as a hunting lodge in the Dublin Mountains, where a group of elite debauchers held their meetings away from the prying eyes of the public.

Stories of murder, kidnap and satanic rituals were linked to the group who called themselves the Hellfire Club. The hunting lodge was burnt out long ago and it’s said the inferno started after one of the members, set fire to a servant who displeased him and the flames spread to the building.

Sarah says: “Our ghost stories are haunting, harrowing and at times heart-breaking. Before I began this journey, I only knew of maybe two or three of the Island’s most haunting tales. Even at that, I didn’t know the details but this podcast has revealed some cruel and horrific stories that have definitely sent shivers up my spine”.

Episodes are short and snappy, usually under 10 minutes in duration and draw you right in from the start. So, if it’s late and night and you want a bedtime scare, especially at Halloween, turn down the lights and turn up the volume and check out Haunted: Real Ghost Stories.

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Haunted: Real Ghost Stories can be found on most podcast providers

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