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Council counts the costs of Covid-19 crisis

The total cost of the Covid crisis to Dublin City Council is expected to reach €75,271,726 by 2021.

That’s according to Dublin Sinn Féin City Councillor Daithí Doolan who said the figures were revealed in a document submitted to the Department of Environment last week.

“The Covid crisis is not going away and the cost of it will run in to next year,” he said.

“Dublin City Council has lost €26,426,000 in income during 2020 and had to pay out an additional €15,413,941 in Covid related spend. While next year the prediction is not much better with City Council expecting to lose a further €21,707,000. Added to this loss is an additional Covid related cost for 2021 totalling €11,724,785.

“The original €39m deficit in this year’s Budget has now grown to upwards €50m because of the introduction of Level 5 restriction which had a very immediate and negative impact on commercial rate and income from parking levies. City Council is facing a massive financial crisis if we do not receive active support from the Government.

“We need the Government to do three things. Firstly, commit to covering the loss to rates for all of 2021. Secondly, commit to releasing €10m to Dublin City Council at next week’s supplementary budget. Thirdly, address the fundamental flaws of the Local Property Tax. This regressive tax is simply not fit for purpose. This year has clearly shown that residents in Dublin are being punished with inflated house prices and then being forced to supplement Government spending in local authorities around the state. This is wrong and grossly unjust.”

He added: “If these issues are not urgently addressed by the Government Dublin City Council could be forced, for the first time ever, to adopt a Budget that has a massive deficit. To avoid this we need the Government to wake up to the financial crisis facing Dublin City Council and work with us to overcome this crisis.”


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