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New campaign encourages people to ‘Make a Day of It’ in Dublin

The Dublin Place Brand, and, have launched a new campaign aimed at encouraging Dubliners to safely start returning to the city.

The campaign invites people to visit some of Dublin’s best-known visitor attractions and then ‘Make A Day Of It’ by enjoying what the city’s cafes, restaurants, and shops have to offer while they’re in town.

The aim is to stimulate economic activity in the local tourism, retail and hospitality sectors.

“It’s amazing how little most of us actually know about our own city,” said the Lord Mayor of Dublin Hazel Chu.

“Dublin has so much to offer and yet all the tourists who come here get to see more of it than we do.

“So that’s why I’m backing this campaign.

“My message to all Dubliners is get out, enjoy your city, visit some of the great attractions you never get a chance to visit during normal times, and Make A Day Of It while you’re at it.”

Some of the attractions featured include the Hugh Lane Gallery, GAA Museum, Dublin Castle, and the Little Museum of Dublin.

If you’re not sure where you would like to start, why not visit to see some sample itineraries on how to spend the day?

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The campaign will be run on bus shelters, Digi-panels, metropoles, big belly bins and online.

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