Kate Ruddock selected as new Green Party councillor for Blackrock

Gary Ibbotson 30 Nov 2022
Councillor Kate Ruddock. Photo: Friends of the Earth.

The Green Party has selected Kate Ruddock to be the new councillor for the Blackrock Electoral Area, following the departure of outgoing Green Party Councillor Seafra O’Faoláin.

Cllr. Ruddock thanked the Dún Laoghaire Greens for the selection.

“I’m delighted to be given the opportunity to represent the Green Party for Blackrock,” she said.

“Former Councillor Seafra O’Faoláin has done a terrific job to further Green priorities in this area, and I hope to build on his work at the council level.

“Of course, Minister Ossian Smyth has also been heavily involved in the local council here for many years prior to his election.

“Locally I will be working hard to support cycling and walking infrastructure as well as public transport routes.

“We got a taste of the calm that comes from reduced car use during Covid, and I have been delighted to see the increased pedestrianisation of Blackrock main street as well as the coastal cycle route all the way to Dún Laoghaire village.

“I believe we can reinvigorate this area and make sure our spaces are designed for people of all ages, genders and abilities to meet, work and play.

“We live in a great place, but we can do better.

“We can make sure we build appropriate housing for families, for those downsizing, and for single people.

“We need public toilets, more on street recycling and dog waste bins.

“We need rapid response water quality testing in the sea, and can prevent pollution from entering the sea.

“On the whole, we can make sure every decision we make is climate and nature proofed and be prepared for the challenges ahead.”

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