Housing for All failing after only one year, Senator Moynihan says

Gary Ibbotson 30 Aug 2022

The Housing for All project is already failing one year into its implementation, according to Labour housing spokesperson Senator Rebecca Moynihan.

Senator Moynihan says that an analysis of the Housing for All scheme “tells a grim story of major delays, a rental trap, overcooked house prices and systemic homelessness failings.”

“Homelessness is at record level, people are queuing around the street for a room, people being priced out of buying a home and people paying nearly half their wages on rent,” Senator Moynihan said.

“The Minister is relying on spin over any real substance and his plan is clearly not working for tens of thousands of people, with actions being delayed and all the key stats are pointing sharply upwards. It’s not acceptable.

“The reality is the government isn’t putting serious effort in.

“There’s been some positives in terms of cost rental, but it’s not nearly enough for how many people apply.

“We need to do all we can to keep people out of homelessness, equip local authorities to buy housing where there is a tenant in situ.

“There is no sense of urgency on security of tenure while people renting are living in anxiety.”

Senator Moynihan says that one year after its announcement, Housing for All “is failing to deliver the things people actually care about – secure and affordable housing.

“Through its reliance on the private sector through more subsidies and schemes, it’s very difficult to see Housing for All bring about the State-led delivery of social and affordable housing.

“We need a radical think on housing policy.

“When the details of the Government’s current strategy are examined, it points to tinkering at the edges and short-term band aids, which is needed, but only when coupled with an ambitious home building project that accommodates families, single people, young and old, in vibrant communities.

“The Census shows that our population is rising above 5 million people.

“I have serious concerns about Housing for All, or this government, being able to provide enough targeted housing on an annual basis.

“Ultimately, it is clear, and all experts tell us, that the State must take on a more direct role in the system, as the private market has vastly different objectives on housing.”

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