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Fourth phase of Dundrum Central Project public consultation launched

The fourth phase of the public consultation process for the Dundrum Central project will be launched by the Land Development Agency (LDA) on Monday, April 26.

The Dundrum Central project will see around 1300 homes, sporting and community facilities, and green spaces created at the Central Mental Hospital site.

As part of the planning process, three phases of public consultation have been held to date.

These have included a public online exhibition, a project website, meetings with community groups and resident’s associations, public webinars, and a community survey.

According to the LDA, the key themes that “have emerged to date include traffic and public transport capacity, green spaces, access and connectivity, height, density and scale, community infrastructure and opportunities to enhance local facilities, tenure and housing, sustainability and biodiversity, heritage, and the future of the existing wall.

“The feedback was extensive, constructive and varied with many contrasting points of view from different elements of the community.”

The next phase of consultation will see the publication of the draft masterplan for the project.

The draft masterplan is the more detailed version of the concept plan that was presented during the third phase of public consultation.

“The next stage of consultation will offer local residents and other stakeholders a further opportunity to make observations and suggestions in advance of the final design being completed and submitted for planning permission,” says the LDA.

The consultation will include two public webinars, a series of meetings with residents’ associations and community groups and online resources on the project website,

LDA Project Lead, Barry Chambers says that the project will “significantly improve the availability of housing in this part of Dublin.

“The primary focus of the project will be on social and affordable housing, making it easier for more people to find a home – a key objective of the LDA.

“Additionally, it will also significantly improve the availability of community facilities and green spaces for new and existing residents.”

The next phase of consultation will see a “close to final” design, says Chambers.

“This has been based on significant engagement with key stakeholders and the local community.

“I would like to thank local residents and groups and all other stakeholders for their input to date and encourage them to participate in this next stage.

“We will present a draft masterplan next week that seeks to balance the many different views within the community and our mission to use State land to efficiently and sustainably deliver a mix of housing options.”

“Following this phase of consultation, final amendments will be made where relevant, in advance of a likely planning application being submitted in the third quarter of 2021.

“When the application is lodged there will be an opportunity for any interested parties to make their observations or submissions to the decision-making planning body in line with the statutory process, and the details will be publicised.”

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