Tallaght football club appeals for community’s help following burglary

Padraig Conlon 20 Aug 2020

A Tallaght football club which was burgled this week is calling on anyone with knowledge of the incident to contact the gardai.

St Maelruans FC are appealing for the local communities help following the burglary which took place on Monday (18th).

In a statement released via the clubs Facebook page, they said:

“Just to update people that have an interest in our football club, St Maelruans dressing rooms were burgled yesterday Monday, 18th August.

“During the break-in the newly painted walls and floor were covered in Graffiti, flammable liquid was thrown on the floor, seats and benches were damaged and football Jerserys were destroyed.

“There was also a small fire set outside the building which partially damaged some of the exterior wall.

“Football and training equipment were stolen which is expensive to replace.

“This incident greatly impacts on our ability to continue to provide facilities for our community and to help our young people take part in organised sport.

“We would appreciate if anyone who could assist with the return of the footballs and gear. and if anyone has some knowledge of the incident could they please contact the Gardaí in Tallaght (01 6666000) who are investigating the matter.”

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