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Fianna Fáil says it will reopen Garda station in Stepaside if in Government

FIANNA Fáil has vowed to reopen Stepaside Garda Station.

Speaking at the launch of the party’s crime policy document ‘Safer Communities’, Senator Mary White said they would reopen the station if they regain office.

Stepaside Garda Station was closed in April 2013.

“South East Dublin is one of the areas that has suffered the most under the harsh cuts implemented by the Fine Gael/Labour government,” Senator White said.

“In the two years since Stepaside Garda Station closed burglaries in the area have soared by 76 per cent.

“Fianna Fáil in office will increase the strength of An Garda Siochána to 15,000 and is committed to more than doubling the Garda Reserve to 2,500. We are aware that criminal gangs are using the improved motorway network to quickly target estates along key access routes that allow them to make a quick escape.

“That’s why we want more gardaí on the streets, more hi-speed vehicles for gardaí and CCTV at the critical junctions along the motorway network,” she added.

An ongoing campaign to have Stepaside Garda Station reopened was set to continue with a protest last Sunday (January 24).

Local TDs who represent the area or who are election candidates were invited to speak and show their support as were members of the gardai.

“We have also written to and sought a meeting with Minister Frances Fitzgerald,” a spokesperson for the campaign said.

“Many of our residents have written to the highest echelons of the gardai, and we are now getting increased support from our politicians and councillors.”

Meanwhile, the new Burglary Act will help keep repeat burglars off the streets, Dublin Senator and Fine Gael candidate for Dublin West, Catherine Noone, has stated.

“The Minister for Justice and Equality, Frances Fitzgerald, announced that the Criminal Justice (Burglary of Dwellings) Act 2015 has come into operation,” Senator Noone said.

“This is an important new act and means that bail can be denied to repeat offenders.

“The problem of repeat burglaries is an issue for many people,” the senator added.

“Statistics provided by the Garda Síochána show that 75 per cent of burglaries are committed by 25 per cent of burglars.

“This important act allows for bail to be denied and consecutive sentences to be given, to repeat burglars.

“It’s my hope that the act will reduce crime rates and will be a key weapon in the battle against crime.”

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