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Council denies 1916 snub to Dundrum

SINN Féin has accused Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council of “neglecting” Dundrum in its 1916 commemoration plans.

Cllr Sorcha Nic Cormaic claimed the council had “sidelined” the Southside suburb after a decision by the Parks Department to locate two proposed 1916 Gardens of Remembrance in the east of the constituency.

“Last year, at a council meeting where the 2016 celebrations were being discussed, I raised the issue that some permanent structure was needed on the Dundrum side of the county, which would act as a focal point for commemorating 1916,” she said. 

 “Over the next few months the 1916 Commemorations Committee decided the council would deliver two Gardens of Remembrance, one for each side of the county, and this seemed to me to be appropriate.

“However, at a recent Community SPC (Special Policy Committee) meeting, a brief overview of events was given and mention of the two gardens was made.  

“I enquired as to the location of the gardens and was horrified to discover that both would be on the eastern side of the N11, with one in Blackrock Park and one in Cabinteely Park, both a stone’s throw from Deansgrange Cemetery.

“While technically Cabinteely Park is in the Stillorgan Ward, no rational person would consider that gardens in Blackrock Park and Cabinteely Park service both sides of the county.

“Look at the map – the N11 divides the county down the middle.”

Cllr Nic Cormaic has submitted a motion to the Dundrum Area Committee meeting scheduled for this week that some action is taken to ensure a 1916 commemoration is developed in or around Dundrum.

A spokesperson for the council stated that the DLR 2016 Committee, comprising representatives of political parties on the council and council staff, had decided to create two 1916 commemorative gardens.

It was suggested that one would be located in the east of the county while the other would be located in the west.

“The West District Parks staff proposed Cabinteely Park and the East District proposed Blackrock Park,” the spokesperson stated.

To clarify, Cabinteely Park is located in the Stillorgan Electoral Area and falls within the remit of the Dundrum Area Committee.

“Both these proposals were agreed by the committee.”

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