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Film about Dublin doorman touches hearts

THE touching tale of a Dublin doorman is creating a stir online.

The short animated film ‘After You’ by director Damien O’Connor has received a warm response after it was posted on YouTube for the first time last week.

Funded by the Irish Film Board under its ‘Frameworks’ scheme, the seven minute film took two years to complete.

Although it was finished in 2013 the film was bought by a Japanese distribution company and had to stay offline for three years as part of the agreement.

Once the agreement expired, director O’Connor put the film online.

“On a whim I put the film up on YouTube,” he explained. “The response was almost immediate with people getting in touch to tell me how the film spoke to them on a personal level, either reminding them of a lost loved one or bringing up a fond memory of old Dublin.”

The IFTA nominated film tells the tale of a Dublin doorman who watches the city he loves change around him. The film is a lovely mix of charm and comedy with a powerfully poignant ending.

Featuring actual Dublin locations, the short features many recognisable Dublin landmarks and vistas, including the curving Harcourt Street, Grattan Bridge and the National Museum of Ireland.

“I wanted to make a film about Dublin that didn’t feature the postcard buildings, which are well covered elsewhere,” added O’Connor. “I wanted to feature some of the lesser known gems. Above all else I wanted to make a film about worrying less and living more.”

Although the Dublin director is kept busy directing episodes of Doc McStuffins at renowned Brown Bag Films, he has captured hearts with his touching films about the lives of others.

Another film short, the haunting ‘Anya: Twenty years in the life of a Russian orphan’, was created to help the Irish ‘To Children With Love’ charity with their work with orphaned children in the former USSR.

“I would love to complete the series with another short film covering 40 years in the life of a French astronaut,” O’Connor added. “All I need is another year or so to make it.”

You can follow Damien on Twitter at @ratskins

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