Local councillor questions why Ballymun schools are left out of Hot Meals Programme

Padraig Conlon 02 Dec 2021

Independent Dublin City Council Noeleen Reilly says she is disappointed that not one school in the Ballymun area has been included in the hot meals programme this year or next.

“According to the National Deprivation Index, Ballymun is one of the most deprived areas in the state,” she said.

“All the Schools are considered DEIS (Delivering equality of opportunity in Schools) Schools yet not one has been included in this years Hot Meal Programme or next year either.

“I am very conscious that food poverty is a huge issue in Ballymun.

“If it wasn’t for the School meals programme then many children would be going without food throughout the day.

“Also, many of the same children rarely receive a hot meal.

“I believe the role out of the Hot meal programme has seen huge benefits for Children in terms of their performance and wellbeing in Schools particularly at this time of the year when it is so cold.

“It is for that reason that I cannot understand why no school in Ballymun is on the list for receiving this funding.

“The Department of Social Protection need to liaise with Schools in Ballymun and provide them with whatever support is needed to get them on the Programme as soon as possible as It would provide huge benefits to those Children.”

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