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Cuffe calls for ‘quick decision’ on Moore Street plans

Green Party MEP for Dublin Ciarán Cuffe says he is calling on planners to make a quick decision on three major Planning Applications submitted by UK developer Hammerson PLC on three important city centre sites adjoining Dublin’s historic Moore Street.

In a series of three submissions to Dublin City Council, Cuffe said that plans for the area must reflect the area’s historical importance, the protection of the Moore Street market, as well as a focus on liveable space for Dubliners.

“There have been many plans to develop Moore Street over the last few years, and nothing has happened,” he said.

“Moore Street and the surrounding areas are vital to the city’s future.

“The city centre has taken a massive hit from the Covid 19 pandemic. Dublin City Council must do all it can to support a redevelopment that serves the community, and not just developers.

“The plans must ensure a vibrant Moore Street market, as well as recognise the heritage of the area, and meets the needs of local people and provide well-connected transport routes. We also need more public housing.

“‘Buy to rent flats’, or a high volume of office space will not provide the affordable housing solutions Dubliners urgently need. The plans must also be sensitive to this historic location. For instance, it is disappointing that most of the north-facing street frontage to O’Rahilly Parade at ground floor level is taken up by a delivery hub, an ESBN sub-station, a switch-room, a ‘refuse station’, and a blank wall to a lift. This fails to respect the historical importance of O’Rahilly Parade where Michael Joseph O’Rahilly died in 1916.”

Mr Cuffe also expressed concern that the proposed development may threaten the existing street market. He said:

We don’t want to see a repeat of the mistakes made from the Iveagh Market closure during the 1990s. Street traders must be supported and protected during any redevelopment.

“It is important to ensure that the historical significance of these buildings and streetscapes as a backdrop to the unfolding of the Irish Nation is permanently recorded in public street signs or plaques.

“All visitors to our city should be aware of the area’s pivotal role in the Nation’s history. Moore Street and the surrounding areas deserve the opportunity to flourish. The Council need to act quickly.”

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