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Ballymun site approved for 94 social homes by Dept of Housing

A site on the Shangan Road in Ballymun has approved by the Department of Housing for the development 94 homes as part of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) programme.

Dublin City Council says “it is currently envisaged” that 74 of the homes will be one-bed units, designated to senior citizens who wish to downsize their current accommodation, and 20 will be for people with particular medical needs.

“It is not currently proposed that any general needs social housing will be provided at this location,” the council says.

A PPP programme is an agreement between a private firm and the Government to develop and deliver public or social projects under a long-term contract.

In a reply to local Independent councillor Noeleen Reilly, the council said that “a design team has been appointed and work is ongoing to develop a design for the site.

“The site investigations on the site that are required in order to develop the most suitable design for the site are now at an advanced stage,” it said.

Reilly says that the development of the project is welcome news to the people of Ballymun.

“I am delighted to see this housing project progress in Ballymun for 94 new social housing homes,” she says.

“It is very welcome.

“Ballymun has one of the highest social housing needs in Dublin City.

“74 of the homes will be for senior citizens who will be able to downsize if their current accommodation is too big for their needs.

“This will free up larger accommodation for families in the area.

“A further 20 homes will be specifically for people with medical needs who are often forgotten about and left behind,” she said.

Reilly also says that the earmarked site is appropriate for the project.

“The location of this site is very key as it so close to the town centre and beside all local facilities.

“Residents might have noticed initial site works taking place and a design team is currently in place,” she says.

“The most suitable design will be brought to Dublin City Councillors towards the end of the year.

“If we are ever to solve the housing crisis we need more projects provided by the council and on public land.”

The local authority says that the target date for lodging the planning permission is in the third or fourth quarter of 2021 while a consultation with local councillors on the proposed design will be arranged before the submission.

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