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DCC says North City Operations Depot to open in 2023

Dublin City Council has announced that the construction of the North City Operations Depot (NCOD) will commence as soon as the current Covid-19 restrictions on non-essential construction are lifted.

The build is expected to take 19 months and a further period of time will be required to install fixtures and fittings.

The new depot is scheduled to be operational in early 2023.

In a statement, the local authority said: “The depot site, which is directly opposite IKEA in Ballymun, is owned by Dublin City Council and was selected for a number of reasons including its accessibility to a good road network, appropriate zoning for depot use and it is a site designated for redevelopment in the Ballymun Local Area Plan.

“In addition to benefiting City Council operations, the new depot will release 16 existing depot sites for more appropriate development including the provision of circa 750 social housing units.”

The development will include workshops for welding, painting, electrical, carpentry and fleet workshops as well as signage and fleet branding unit.

“The yard area is divided into various zones including designated spaces for larger vehicles, a waste compaction area, vehicle wash area and equipment storage areas,” the council says.

“The dedicated staff-only depot facility will comprise of an office and welfare building with briefing rooms, training rooms and a serviced canteen.

“Adjoining the office building, there will be a multi-storey car park accommodating small fleet vehicles and staff vehicles as well as 220 bicycle spaces.

“A garage facility for parking designated vehicles that require frost protection e.g. gully machines will also be provided.

“The depot includes a large salt barn with capacity for 1200 tonnes of salt.”

It is understood a civic amenity recycling centre will be installed beside the depot, which will be open to the public.

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