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Romeo or Alfa Romeo

TWO Northsiders will be trying to see if Irish people value romance more than motors on an outrageous dating show on TG4 this week.

Pioc Do Ride premiered last Thursday (September 24) but in episode two at 10pm on October 1, lingerie shop assistant Orla Core from Glasnevin and dietician Roisin Gallagher from Drumcondra will be vying for the attention of Southsider Richie Pyne, who finds it hard to meet the ladies.

That’s because there’s not that many of them hanging around the Plex in Stillorgan where Ritchie likes to play pool, and if he doesn’t choose wisely in the show he might be there as a singleton for another few years.

Pioc Do Ride is presented by Dubliner Aine Goggins who, when she’s not helping drivers find love, studies medicine at Queens University, Belfast. She previously presented Ó Tholg go Tolg also on TG4.

The series is a light-hearted dating show conceived and produced by Dublin based, El Zorrero Films.

The original series aims to find love for some of Ireland’s loneliest drivers, with often hilarious and farcical results. Expect boy racers, theory tests, L-plates and hill starts, and of course a few bumps and scrapes along the way.

Each episode of Pioc do Ride sees one singleton get the chance to pick from three potential partners for the date of a lifetime.

However the lucky bachelor or bachelorette is introduced to their cars before getting to meet them.

By giving each vehicle a thorough examination and rooting through the boot and glove compartment the contestant will try to glean insights into the owner’s personality and decide which of them might be the perfect date.

Once the choice is made based on the car, the couple will finally be introduced but there’s one more hurdle to overcome before they drive off into the sunset.

In a final twist, the chosen contestant will become the one in the driving seat. They will choose between accepting the €250 date or spending the money on their beloved vehicle at Advanced Pitstop. 

El Zorrero Films is currently selling the show’s format internationally via a distribution deal with international sales agent Nordic World, which has previously sold a range of Irish formatted TV shows abroad including the extremely successful Feirm Factor that also started out on TG4.

Pioc do ride will run for 13 weeks.

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