Sat, Sep 25, 2021
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End of an era as final tower demolished

REGARDED by many outside the area as the ultimate urban housing failure, there was still many a tear shed locally as the final tower block in Ballymun began to be slowly taken down last week.

Completed in 1967, Joseph Plunkett Tower and the other Ballymun blocks were home to thousands of families over almost half a century.

They were filled with memories, hopes and dreams and while beyond the front doors some of the worst social problems thrived, inside, the flats were mostly happy homes.

Free central heating, great views and plenty of space compared to modern apartments, the pre-cast factory-made concrete blocks were a delight to live in.

The problems in Ballymun were outside the flats with drugs and crime a serious issue at times.

The regeneration has provided a better environment for many, but most locals will still feel at least a tinge of sadness over the end of the flats era. 

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