Fingal Green Party reps welcome announcement of major investment in Fingal Coastal Way

Padraig Conlon 20 Feb 2023

Green Party representatives in Dublin Fingal say they welcome the announcement of significant funding to progress the key Fingal Coastal Way project.

The funding comes through TII’s Greenway Programme which will see the ongoing development of around 70 Greenway projects around the country.

This funding forms part of the overall Programme for Government commitment of €360 million per annum for walking and cycling, so that more people can choose a safe, sustainable, and healthier alternative to private car use.

Welcoming the Announcement, Joe O’Brien TD said:

“It’s hugely positive to see the Fingal Coastal Way project being strongly supported to move forward by Government.

This project is of national and regional significance, and I look forward to it progressing to completion in the coming years with this ongoing support.

“The Fingal Coastal Way will have a transformative effect on walking and cycling along our coastal communities, from Balbriggan in the north all the way to Portmarnock in the south and beyond.

“It will be a major draw for tourism to the area, but it will also facilitate new kinds of daily journeys and recreation by local people who want to easily access neighbouring towns without needing to drive or use public transport.

“It is a testament to this Government’s drive to change active travel in the country for the better that we continue to allocate more than €1 million a day to walking and cycling programmes across the country – this support is making projects like the Fingal Coastal Way a reality.”

Karen Power, Cllr for Skerries and Balbriggan, said:

“The additional funding for the Fingal Coastal Way is really welcome. The project in its entirety will transform Fingal and bring additional tourism to towns like Skerries and Balbriggan. We have such a stunning coast here so a Greenway will be an outstanding amenity.”

Suzanne Young, Local Area Representative for Lusk, Rush, and Donabate, said:

“I am delighted to see the funding for the Fingal Coastal Way going ahead. The coastal way project will build bridges bringing the communities of Fingal closer together both physically and figuratively and linking in with the Broadmeadow Way we will have an active travel route that spans almost the entire of North Dublin.

“This will encourage commuters to leave their cars behind and give visitors the opportunity to appreciate our beautiful coastline.

“Greenways in other counties have proven to be incredibly popular both with locals and tourists alike I have no doubt this will be just as successful.”

David Healy, Cllr for Howth-Malahide, said:

“I strongly welcome the additional funding for the Fingal Coastal Way.

“This is a very important project, connecting to the Broadmeadow Greenway for which permission has been granted and the Sutton to Malahide route for which Fingal will be applying to An Bord Pleanála this year.

“In addition, it’s great to see the commitment from Fingal’s Active Travel section to maximise connectivity to these routes, so that they’re valuable not just for longer and amenity travel but also for local trips in and to the coastal zone.”

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