Crews working to repair burst water main impacting customers in Donabate

Padraig Conlon 05 Dec 2022

Irish Water is working with Fingal County Council to restore water supply as quickly as possible to impacted customers following a series of bursts to a water main in Donabate.

Dedicated water service crews have been carrying out repair works, including over the weekend, and continue to make every effort to minimise disruption to customers as much as possible.

Repair works can result in increased pressure on the network, causing unforeseen leaks and bursts elsewhere, especially on older water mains, necessitating further excavation and digs to find and repair the leak.

The repairs are progressing and are expected to be completed by 2pm this afternoon.

While works are underway, customers in the following areas will continue to experience low pressure and/or outages: Turvey Avenue, Turvey Woods, Turvey Drive, Turvey Crescent, Turvey Green, Turvey Close, Turvey Park, Waterleaf  Rd, Beresford Estate, Beresford Rd, Beresford Place, Beresford Woods, Beresford Crescent, Beresford Avenue, Beresford Square, Beresford Green, Beverton Drive, Beverton Court, Beverton Meadows, Beverton Wood, Gardens, Beverton Green, Beverton Crescent, Beverton Way and surrounding areas. Following repairs, it typically takes two to three hours to restore normal supply to all customers.

Tselo Tlou, Irish Water, commented: “The repairs are being conducted as quickly and as efficiently as possible to restore normal water supply to impacted customers.

“On 22 November a complex burst occurred on a large trunk water watermain causing supply disruptions to customers in north County Dublin. Crews continued to monitor the water main and discovered a second burst further down the line which resulted in water outages in the Donabate area. The repairs were successfully completed, however, as is common for older mains, it resulted in increased pressure across the network, resulting in further bursts and outages.

“These most recent outages in Turvey, Donabate, were caused by separate bursts on an older watermain. Over time and with increased pressure, weak spots can develop and eventually burst. These events cannot be foreseen or planned for, however, Irish Water and our colleagues in Fingal County Council are working hard to complete the repairs as quickly as possible and restore normal water supply to all impacted customers.

Acknowledging the impact on customers, Tselo added: “We can only apologise for the recent outages experienced in Turvey over the last two weeks and, following the repairs, will continue to monitor this main and continue to repair any further bursts as quickly as possible.”


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