Help at hand for Darndale smokers who want to quit

Padraig Conlon 01 Dec 2021

A new year often gives smokers the inspiration to battle their nicotine addiction – and help is at hand for those in Darndale who want to quit for good in 2022.

Northside Partnership is celebrating 10 years of providing free of charge direct support for smokers in Darndale who want to break the habit.

“Smoking is the leading cause of avoidable death in Ireland. Nearly 6,000 people die each year from the effects of smoking and thousands of others suffer from smoking-related diseases,” said Dr Jack Nolan, chair of the Darndale Economic and Social Plan implementation group.

“As well as the very obvious health benefits of giving up smoking, a smoker of 20 cigarettes a day can save as much as €5,500 a year by quitting.”

Northside Partnership is a development company working with locals, state bodies, public representatives, employers and trade unions to improve the lives of people in north-east Dublin and to bring about positive change.

“The service provides two qualified facilitators to support individuals on their journey to quitting smoking when they register for a free six-week course,” said Sylvia O’Brien of Northside Partnership.

“Participants must be over 17 years of age and can refer themselves or be referred by a hospital, health professional or local community organisation.

“Once registered, those taking part in the course can receive free nicotine patches or an inhaler provided by partner pharmacies for the six weeks.

“A personal plan to help quit smoking will be created and difficulties or risks of relapse identified.

“In addition to the provision of patches and inhalers, the programme will look at smokers’ readiness and desire to quit, examine their smoking history and assess their nicotine addiction.

“Once participants have completed the course, they will be offered an additional free course on managing stress.

“On one evening a week for two weeks, different techniques in managing stress levels will be looked at to avoid participants reverting to smoking.

“To support participants, the facilitator will maintain contact for up to 12 months.”

Those wishing to sign up should contact Michael Malone, 085 847 8960; or Karen O’Neill, 085 847 8961.

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