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Dollymount Dames Covid Recollections 2021

Dollymount Dames is a compilation of stories, reflections and ditties by members of a swimming group of the same name that was formed during Covid.

The group swims at Bull Island in Dollymount, Clontarf, hence its name.

They began as a mere group of three and quickly grew to its current membership of 53.

A tribe. The ethos of the group is that no one should ever swim alone. Safety first and after that fun is mandatory .

While a global pandemic raged around them, the Dollymount Dames found refuge in each other and in the cold Irish Sea.

A sense of connectedness in a time of separation.

Each member brings their own unique sense of themselves that adds to the richness of the group. However as a collective they are like a benign tsunami.

A fierce, powerful tribe helping to keep one another buoyant and ride those waves.

This  book captures the essence of the Dames who are the embodiment of resilience, hope and empowerment. It is a commemoration of a specific time and place.

All proceeds from the sale of this book, a self-print, will go to the RNLI.

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